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Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba

Novel - January 2022 - 368 pages

Rights sold to Germany (DTV), Italy (Lindau), the Netherlands (Prometheus, at auction), Spain (Minùscola editorial), Sweden (Editions J) and UK (Mountain Leopard Press)

English sample available

Hunt or be hunted. 

Raphaëlle is a forest warden, estranged from her family and living alone in a trailer, miles from civilisation. In the savage cradle of nature, daily life is fraught with dangers. The forest is alive with bears, coyotes and lynxes – and, with no signal in reach, nobody can save you if a predator strikes. On the eve of her fortieth birthday, Raphaëlle is shaken to discover fresh bear prints outside her front door. But when man-sized footprints appear a few days later, she realises the true predator is even more sinister…

Unfolding over three weeks in late September, Feral plunges us into a shadowy world of illegal poaching and sexual violence, as Raphaëlle’s calling to protect the laws of the forest sees her become the hunter’s prey. Yet two can play at that game, and this gritty eco-warrior won’t go down without a fight.

A revenge feminist tale, as well as a compelling love story, Feral will appeal as much to the nature writing readers of The Eight Mountains by Paolo Cognetti’s than to readers of strong female novelists such as Virginie Despentes or Aminatta Forma.

The author

In the winter of 2013, Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba left her job, home and family in Montreal, sold all her worldly belongings and moved into a wooden cabin in Quebec’s remote Kamouraska region. There, she spent three years living deep in the forest, without running water, electricity or phone signal, and with only prowling coyotes for company outside. She has written a first novel Encabanée, rights to which have been sold in France, Germany and Italy.

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"Both a thriller and a book about nature."
"A French-Canadian prose that serves this activist vendetta beautifully."

The Crazier You Are, the More You Love

Jacky Durand

Novel - April 2021 - 270 pages

Option in Brazil (Record), Czech Republic (Host), Estonia (Täpanäev), Finland (Otava), Greece (Patakis), Hungary (Park Kiado), Iceland (Forlagid), Italy (Solferino), Lithuania (Alma Littera), Romania (RAO), Russia (Arkadia), Serbia (Laguna), Slovakia (Albatros), Spain (Grijalbo), Taiwan (Chi-Ming).

An ode to the bumpy ride of life, from the same stable as The Little French Recipe Book.

One evening, at a motorway rest area that smells of burnt scrub, ex-con Roger and reformed middle-class Parisian Joseph settle in the back of their Volvo F89 for a snack. A car appears out of nowhere and dumps a wicker basket. Roger, whose huge hands smell of wood, goes over and is amazed to find a sleeping baby. What to do with it? Roger wants to take him to the nearest maternity unit, but Joseph smiles as he strokes the baby’s velvety head. “What if we kept him?” The two men have been friends since childhood and live in a house in the woods with no modern comforts. How could they take in a baby? How would they see to his daily needs in this rustic, natural setting dominated by manual work? And most of all, how could they keep him perfectly legally?

They gradually learn to prepare the baby’s bottles, they make nappies out of an old t-shirt, and cook healthy meals for the boy they’ve called Moses. Roger and Joseph heal their wounds, their loneliness and their regrets.

But a shadow emerges from Roger’s past and hovers around the house and the baby. To protect Moses the two friends will have to rely on the help of those around them: Karl Marx, the therapist for these shipwrecked individuals, the Indian who is the self-appointed baker in this autonomous village, Roger’s daughter Julie, and her boyfriend Karim, along with Muguette, a young prostitute living a hard-knocks life.

The author

Jacky Durand is a print and radio journalist. His first novel was the very successful Le cahier de recettes (Stock, 2019), which was translated into 19 languages.

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France Inter
“A fabulous storyteller.”
“A deeply optimistic novel, full of joie de vivre and kindness.”

The Sinking of Venice

Isabelle Autissier

Novel - May 2022 - 272 pages

Option in Germany (Mare Velag) and Italy (Rizzoli).

This masterful crusade through La Serenissima is full of romance but also ecological truth.  

Venice is drowned, submerged by the deadly effects of one last acqua alta. But before this ecological disaster, the Melegatti family is torn apart by different political convictions about the future of the Queen of the Adriatic. On one side are the rudderless middle classes, represented by the father, Guido, who wants to exploit tourism in the city for the sake of economic performance. On the other is his wife Maria Alba, descended from nobility, who delights and luxuriates in the bygone splendours of a now-sleeping city on the brink of collapse. Between these two parents, young Lea takes a stand with her environmental campaigning.

Having explored the whole Venice Lagoon and immersed herself in its culture, the author paints a picture of the contradictions and issues at the heart of the city.

The author

Isabelle Autissier was the first woman to sail solo around the world and is Chair of WWF France. Le naufrage de Venice is her fifth novel. Soudain, seuls (Stock, 2015) has been translated into ten languages and is being adapted for the big screen. Oublier Klara (Stock, 2019) won the 2019 Version Femina Prize.

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“Characters akin to Shakespearian heroes”
Le Figaro Magazine
“A vivid style that points out our contradictions.”
Madame Figaro


Almost Silence

Julie Estève

Novel - January 2022 - 288 pages


A coming-of-age story with tragic, ecological implications, culminating in a hallucinatory apocalypse..

Cassandra with her curly red hair is hated by other children. She loves a very good-looking boy called Camille. One day she goes to a clairvoyant to find out about her future, but the fortune-teller reveals five terrifying prophecies which will haunt her all through her life. Almost Silence tells the story of a woman’s life – from her childhood to her death – in ten chapters. A life marked by an obsessive love and by grief. A life bound up in the fate of mankind and of animals; in which the torments of love mirror the world’s collapse.

The author

Almost Silence is Julie Estève’s third novel. Her two previous books, Moro-sphinx (Stock, 2016) and Simple (Stock, 2018), won great acclaim in the French press. Her work has been translated into German and Korean.

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Beaux Arts
"A coming-of-age novel, both ecological and tragic."
France Dimanche

A Bad Seed

Marine Westphal

Novel - March 2022 - 208 pages

A coming-of-age novel suffused with magic realism, following the fortunes of a girl who lives on the streets of Paris.

Olympe is an orphan growing up among crooks. She was given the name Olympe by Luis, the ringleader who found her as a baby in a cardboard box for Olympus cameras. They have to steal to survive. She learns about silence, fighting, solidarity (which is rare) and betrayal (which is frequent). One day, Luis is captured by another gang and dies. This leads to full-scale gang war, police intervention, hospital… and while a solitary, intubated Olympe wanders around her hospital ward, a strange man appears. His skin seems to be made of tree bark and he tends to endangered plants; he will heal this “bad seed”.

A novel sustained by poetic writing reminiscent of Boris Vian, Edward Scissorhands and Miyazaki’s most beautiful films.

The author

Marine Westphal was awarded two writer’s grants for this novel. She works as a nurse in eastern France and is also a professional dancer. Her book La Téméraire was published by Stock in 2017.

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The Dolls

Clovis Goux

Novel - April 2022 - 304 pages

Through the interlocking stories of four people, Clovis Goux explores the “Nazi porn” movement and probes the furthest limits of fiction and how art can overstep boundaries.

1953. Under the pseudonym Ka-Tzetnik 135633, the Auschwitz survivor Yehiel Dinur publishes House of Dolls which brings him international fame. The book purports to be the story of his sister Daniella who was forced into prostitution in a Nazi concentration camp, and it transcends the very notion of historical truth, tipping into phantasmic fiction inspired by terrible experiences in Nazi camps.

Rome 1968. The director Luchino Visconti sees a demonic apparition in the half light in his apartment. This creature inspires his film The Damned and takes him into a downward spiral.

Los Angeles 1968. The B-series producer Bob Cresse is in preproduction on a film that will, in his words, “revolutionise the history of cinema”. The first feature film to depict Nazi sex slaves, Love Camp 7 would turn this pioneer into a pariah.

Khartoum 1974. The filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, who instituted much of the Nazi aesthetic with her propaganda films, embarks on a photographic expedition to South Sudan, hoping to capture the “eternal beauty” of the Nuba people and to erase her own past.

From Israel to Hollywood and Italy to sub-Saharan Africa this book bears witness to a cinematographic wave with no limits or morals: Nazisploitation. From the B-movie Love Camp 7 to the major work of an auteur, The Damned and from “Nazi trash” to “Nazi chic”, two apparently opposite trends exploit the exact same fascination for death, evil and decadence with kitsch as their aesthetic hinterland.

The author

Clovis Goux is a journalist and writer. He is the author of La Disparition de Karen Carpenter (Actes Sud, 2017) and Chère Jodie (Stock, 2020).

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“A wild style.”
LH le Magazine
“A text full of knowledge and humor.”

My Brother the Ghost

Mahi Binebine

Novel - May 2022 - 234 pages

Option in Germany (Lenos Verlag), Greece (Agra) and Spain (Alfaguara, Castillan/Angle, Catalan).

A bildungsroman full of colours, tastes and smells, describing Marrakech as it is never seen on postcards.

Teenager Kamal, the best guide to Jemaa el Fnaa Square, lives with a destitute mother, a brutal brother and a guileless sister. More importantly, he has to live with his own ghost. Torn by internal contradictions, this orderly, entrepreneurial young man destined for serenity occasionally finds he is lazy, indecisive and hurtling towards chaos.

In a dark and ambiguous Marrakech – which itself is torn between modernity and tradition, East and West – Kamal battles to bring sunshine into the house and drive out his ghost brother once and for all. Will he manage to escape his social background?

Part cautionary social tale, part coming-of-age novel, Mahi Binebine’s book is a lyrical yet lucid reflection on the human condition.

The author

Mahi Binebine is Morocco’s most famous contemporary painter. He comes from a large, complicated family and has been a maths teacher, painter, sculptor and novelist. He has written some ten novels, including Les Étoiles de Sidi Moumen (Flammarion 2011), adapted for the big screen by Nabil Ayouch as Les Chevaux de Dieu (a Cannes prize-winner), Le Fou du roi (Stock 2017) and Rue du Pardon (Stock 2019). His work has been translated into eight languages.

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Clara Dupont-Monod


Prix Femina 2021

Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2021

Prix Landerneau des lecteurs 2021

Prix Goncourt de l’Orient 2021

Prix Goncourt du Japon 2022

Novel - August 2021 - 176 pages

Rights sold to Brazil (Dublinense), China (Yilin Press), Croatia (Znanje, at auction), Germany (Piper, at auction), Greece (Psichogios), Hungary (General Press, at auction), Israel (Kinneret, at auction), Italy (Clichy), Japan (Hayakawa, at auction), Korea (Feelmbook, at auction), the Netherlands (Meulenhoff, at auction), Poland (Znak), Portugal (Presença, at auction), Russia (Polyandra No Age), Saudi Arabia (Dar Athar WAL, at auction), Spain (Salamandra – Castillan / Les Hores – Catalan), Taiwan (Marco Polo) and United Kingdom (MacLehose Press, WEL).

English sample available 

A child born with disabilities turns the whole family dynamic upside down and redefines his siblings’ lives.  

This is the story of a dark-eyed child lost in a hazy limbo, a child forever bedridden, an eternal baby, a maladjusted child who creates a boundary between his family and other people. It is the story of his place in the household he’s born into, surrounded by burgeoning nature and protective mountains, it is the story of his place within this deeply shaken family. The eldest child connects with him, is close to him, and loses himself in the process. His sister develops feelings of disgust and anger. And lastly, the baby of the family who comes later, after his disabled brother has died, after the older two have left, and who lives in the shadow of family ghosts but still brings hope of reconciliation.

A wonderful, luminous book.

The author

Clara Dupont-Monod is the author of several novels including La Passion selon Juette (Grasset, 2007), Le roi disait que j’étais diable (Grasset, 2014) and, published by Stock in 2018, La Révolte, which sold 63,000 copies.

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"The most moving book of this Literary Rentrée."
Le Parisien
"Clara Dupont-Monod relates the power of sibling bonds, the ambivalence towards difference and humans’ extraordinary capacity to adapt."
Pages Des Libraires



Three Women of Alexandria

Sibylle Vincendon

Narrative Non-Fiction - May 2022 - 270 pages

A family saga that takes us to the most romantic city in the eastern Mediterranean: Alexandria.

Rosette, Claire and Claude – the author’s great-grandmother, grandmother and aunt, respectively – have incredible but tragic lives. From the rejection by Alexandria’s aristocratic community experienced by one, to a life lived in the shadow of Lawrence Durrell (The British author of The Alexandria Quartet and Claude’s husband), via the upheavals of both world wars.

Through the lives of these three women, the reader follows the great changes of the Twentieth Century and discovers a cosmopolitan Alexandria, experiencing its rise, its heyday and its fall.

The author

A specialist on issues relating to architecture and town planning, Sibylle Vicendon was a journalist for Libération for many years. Trois Alexandrines is her first book.

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Adrien Bosc

Novel - January 2022 - 176 pages

Rights sold to Italy (Ugo Guanda) and Spain (Tusquets, Castillan/Univers, Catalan)

Adrien Bosc describes how Simone Weil took up arms alongside Spanish republicans. A life-changing experience for this great philosopher who died too young…

In August 1936, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, the philosopher Simone Weil, who was not yet thirty, joined the international forces of the Durutti Column, a famous column of anarchist fighters who rallied to the republican camp. She sustained serious injuries and was repatriated to France on September 25.

She spent forty-eight days in Spain. We know nothing, or almost nothing about this time. A passport, scattered notes in her “Spanish Diary”, some letters, a few photographs in uniform. Adrien Bosc brings together the pieces of the puzzle and retraces Simone’s movements in Spain. Amid the chaos of a cruelly divisive civil war, we discover an intense and tragic life in which this war was a tipping point: she said, “Other people’s misfortunes got inside my skin and my soul.”

Column – the final part of a trilogy which began with Constellation, then Capitaine – describes the collision of different destinies in a temporary community, a cluster of life stories that scatter into separate, contradictory and yet united trajectoriesis.

The author

Adrien Bosc was born in 1986. In 2014 his first novel, Constellation, was awarded the Grand Prix for a novel from the Académie française as well as the Prix de la Vocation; he published Capitaine
in 2018. He is the founder of Éditions du sous-sol and his books have been translated into 10 languages.

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“Much elegance and controlled passion.”
Madame Figaro
“Bosc manages to render Simone Weil as alive as her writings remain.”
LH Le Magazine

Edmonde, Soaring High

Dominique de Saint-Pern

Novel - April 2022 - 450 pages

Edmonde Charles-Roux was a Resistance fighter, editor-in-chief of Vogue and winner of the Goncourt Prize. An exploration of the many lives of this extraordinary woman, the epitome of a Frenchwoman.

In 1945, Edmonde, the impudent young volunteer nurse for the French Foreign Legion, emerges from the war alive.

Who is this 25-year-old woman full of ambition and surrounded by the glorious aura of the Resistance? She can do no wrong. Just one smile and the Lazareffs, the power couple behind the press and the most talked-about dinners in Paris, offer her her first job at Elle. She bats her eyelids in the flashlight of her friend Robert Doisneau’s camera and the powerful Condé Nast group rolls out the carpet of Vogue France for her – she will go on to be editor-in-chief. She is suspended and there she is publishing her first book which sends reverberations through the literary world and snaps up the Goncourt Prize.  

Edmonde is a mass of contradictions. She is a polyglot who grew up in Mussolini’s Italy, lived in post-war Paris, and spent time in the razzle-dazzle of 60s New York where she discovered the excitement of the American fashion scene from Vogue’s headquarters. She writes sensationalist articles and prize-winning novels, is friends with Communists and the daughter of colonialist diplomats, she defends social justice and has staff to serve her tea in her private mansion.

The historically accurate story of Edmonde Charles-Roux told with extraordinary novelistic panache by Dominique de Saint-Pern.


The author

The journalist and novelist Dominique de Saint-Pern has written several novels, including L’Extravagante Dorothy Parker, Pour l’amour d’un Guerrier and Baronne Blixen (all translated into several languages), and in 2019 Edmonde received the Prix Simone Veil and the Grand Prix de l’héroïne from Madame Figaro.

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“The writer recounts the wounds and flaws of this iron lady.”
“The writer reveals the astounding freedom of a woman of her time.”
LH Le Magazine

A Possible Life

Line Papin

Novel - March 2022 - 270 pages

“Being a woman may not mean being pregnant but being pregnant reminded me I’m a woman.”

Line is twenty-four and, for the first time in her life, she is pregnant. And how wonderful: there are two amniotic sacs in her womb – twins. While the pandemic sows fear around the world, Line watches her body transform to create two new futures. Everything feels like a dream to her as she discovers the unfamiliar territory of motherhood. But she is soon told that her foetuses haven’t survived. They need to be removed. This interrupted pregnancy turns everything upside down: her mind, her body and her relationship. She becomes aware of how fragile our lives are, how chancy our births and how much silence there is around women.  

A year later Line is pregnant again. She senses that something deep inside her has changed. The exultation and straightforwardness of the first pregnancy are replaced by profound distress. She doesn’t feel she can carry a new life and decides to have an abortion.

With its discreet yet photographic prose, Line Papin’s new book from the same stable as Les Os des filles.

The author

Line Papin was born in Hanoi in 1995 and lived there till the age of ten when her family moved to France. Stock has published her books L’Éveil (Winner of the 2016 Prix de la Vocation), Toni (2018), Les os des filles (2020) and Le cœur en laisse (2021). Une vie possible is her fifth novel. Her books have been translated into Vietnamese, English, Spanish and Swedish.

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Ici Paris
"The path of doubts and tears that led her to abortion.”


The Sky Within Us

Jakuta Alikavazovic

Narrative Non-Fiction/Art - September 2021 - 160 pages

Sold to Germany (Carl Hanser Verlag) and US (Fern Books).

Jakuta Alikavazovic at the Louvre! Intimately surrounded by classic masterpieces, she reveals her roots. 

Imagine a night alone with the greatest treasures in French heritage. The novelist spent this night wandering around the Ancient World sections, with a bag slung across her shoulders containing, amongst other things, an illicit bar of nougat. This personal and original book is peopled with nocturnal shadows and ghosts of the past, and the glide of bare feet past the Venus de Milo.

But Alikavazovic soon explains her intention: “I came here tonight to become my father’s daughter again.” Her father was born in 1951, in a village in Montenegro, which was then part of Yugoslavia. Without a word of French, he came to Paris out of love, to escape, and to see the Louvre. He sees the museum as a city within a city. This exiled father, a scavenger-aesthete, once strolled casually around the Louvre with his daughter Jakuta and asked her, “So, how would you go about stealing the Mona Lisa?” 

The author

A novelist and translator of English born in 1979, Jakuta Alikavazovic won the 2008 Prix Goncourt for a first novel for Corps volatils. La Blonde et le Bunker received a special merit in the Prix Wepler. Her most significant translations have been into English with Granta.

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"The author weaves and mends the thread of a distended relationship."
Le Figaro Littéraire
"There are such books that have a perfect charm."
Charlie Hebdo

The Titanic Ark

Eric Chevillard

Narrative Non-Fiction/Art - January 2022 - 176 pages

Éric Chevillard spends a night in the hall for extinct and threatened species at the Paris Natural History Museum. 

The place is frightening, exotic and very inspiring for writing. Between his wanderings and contemplations, the author imagines being a saviour for these lost worlds. He encourages us to think about these extinct species and the conservation of the human race, raising a question at the heart of modern-day concerns: what is our place on this earth and what is our relationship with nature and other animals? He claims that “To resuscitate lost species, rather than the uncertainties of cloning, wouldn’t it be wiser to put our faith in poetry?” 

With its sublime writing, this book takes an inventive look at preserving threatened species.

The author

Éric Chevillard first came to public attention in the 80s as one of the “minimalist” writers at Les Editions de Minuit, alongside Jean Echenoz, Jean-Philippe Toussaint and François Bon. His work is characterised by its subverting of narrative conventions and its quirky humour; it has earned widespread critical acclaim and has been translated into 12 languages. His most famous books include Mourir m’enrhume (1987), La Nébuleuse du crabe (1993) and Vaillant Petit Tailleur (2004). Since 2007,
he has written a literary blog called L’Autofictif.

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"Both melancholic and burlesque."
"We laugh, revel in these inspired puns, but cackle and shiver at the same time."
Le Monde des Livres

The National Museum

Diane Mazloum

Narrative Non-Fiction/Art - March 2022 - 176 pages

Diane Mazloum spends a night in the National Museum of Beirut, the only national commemorative building in this fragile, divided nation.

The National Museum of Beirut stands on what was the murderous frontier between East and West Beirut during the civil war that lasted 15 years – if it can even be said to have ended.

How did this temple which harbours the treasures of vanished civilisations – from the Egyptians to the Babylonians and the Byzantines to the Mamluks – survive mankind’s brutal assaults?

During her close brush with this sediment of historical material, this confetti of bygone empires, Diane Mazloum comes to understand that the past shapes the present, and the shadows of the dead are cast over the living and inform who they are.

The author

Diane Mazloum was born in Paris and grew up in Rome. She is Lebanese and is the author of several books, including Beyrouth, la nuit (2014, Stock), L’Âge d’or (2018, JC Lattès) and Une piscine dans le désert (2020, JC Lattès), all of which were shortlisted for literary prizes.

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“Diane Mazloum turns this museum into an emblem of resistance.”
Les Echos

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